Are Hoverboards and Self Balancing Scooters Safe To Ride?

Are Hoverboards and Self Balancing Scooters Safe To Ride?

Are Hoverboards and Self balancing Scooters safe to ride? For both kids and teenagers, a hoverboard or a self-balancing scooter is a much sought after ride. It’s trendy, stylish and gives an adrenaline rush. If you look at the last couple of years, hoverboards have topped the Christmas wish list by a considerable margin.

You may have seen or heard the news about safety concerns around hoverboards and also about accidents and therefore you may be wondering “are hoverboards safe to ride?” The answer is “Yes”; hoverboards are safe and easy to ride. But before buying you need to consider this:

Certified Batteries

Most of the accidents of short circuit, fire or smoke that you may have heard were all due to faulty batteries. As per the Australian Safety Standards, only premium quality li-ion batteries are permitted to be used in hoverboards.

Our hoverboards are certified by UL2272 and as such it uses only superior

quality batteries and are absolutely safe. Speed Most hoverboards have a speed limit of upto 18 to 20kms. Make sure that you don’t overdo the speed as it will put you at risk of accident. Our

hoverboards are equipped with alert if you cross the stipulated speed limit. The constant beeping sound will alert you to slow down.

Tire Grip

One of the most essential things about the hoverboard is the traction it possesses. It is imperative that the tires have a good, defined tread and a solid grip. A better grip translates into more traction for the riders. Youngsters are known for trying out a lot of stunts while on the hoverboard

and the treaded tires will mean that your kid has the best possible traction.

Age specific use

Not all hoverboards are meant to be ridden by people of all ages. Some manufacturers have very specific age ranges in mind when they build a particular hoverboard. You will find some hoverboards built that are there for the pure adrenaline rush they provide. Think extreme sports. Some hoverboards are designed for commuters while there are others that are built ruggedly to handle all kinds of off-road conditions.

Safety precautions

Always ensure that the person riding the hoverboard is wearing the proper safety gear. He or she will need to have certified helmets, knee guards, elbow guards and knee pads. Make sure that the hoverboard has reflector lights, turn signals as well as LED lights. And most importantly make sure that the hoverboard you buy comes from reputed dealers, it’s ok if it costs a

few bucks more.


Ensure that your hoverboard is fully charged before you embark on the ride. A hoverboard running on low battery may suddenly come to a halt and cause you to trip. Our hoverboards have alert for low battery. It automatically will reduce the speed when running on low battery.


If the weather is too bad, don’t take out your hoverboards. If may damage the hoverboard.


Hoverboards are safe to ride. Only precaution you need to take is buying it from a reputed dealer and follow all the safety instructions provided. Enjoy the thrill of riding a hoverboard!

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