Best Tips to Maintain Your Hoverboard

Best Tips to Maintain Your Hoverboard

You are proud of your new hoverboard Melbourne and want to ensure that it remains with you in good working condition for long years to come! Then, follow the given below tips and you will achieve your desire!

Ensure Wheels are Dirt-free 

Regular cleaning of your hoverboard wheels is a must as that is your hoverboard’s support. Any debris or dust that may have got embedded in the wheel has to be cleaned with a brush that is not sharp and can extend to its mid-portion. Cleaning the wheel thoroughly ensures good working condition of the sensors and motors.

Additionally, verify that every component of the tires are tight and secure in their place and that they are in sync with the wheel shaft.

Charge Battery to Full Capacity

Your hoverboard battery needs to be charged to full capacity for you to get the best out of it. Verify this fact before venturing out on your hoverboard. Never let the hoverboard battery be totally discharged.  

Also ensure that the battery is not burnt or damaged in any way or laden with dirt. Use a dry cloth to clean it well.

Inspect the Internal Wiring

It is advisable to inspect the internal wiring of the hoverboard for any damage or presence of a loose wire or so. If things are beyond your knowledge call an expert but if it is just a matter of loose wiring then you can tighten it yourself. 

Maintain the Shine 

Ensure that your hoverboard retains the new shine all throughout its life. This can be achieved if you clean it with care using a soft moist cloth. Before doing this, ensure that the hoverboard is unplugged and away from the socket.

Allow it to Cool

If you have used your hoverboard for some long-distance cruising, allow its battery to cool down prior to plugging in the charger or using it again.

Verify Working of the Pedals

It may so happen at times that the board starts to shake and you seem to be losing control. This could be due to loosening of the pedals. Inspect them right away and put them correctly if they have come loose.

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