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Weight Limit Guide For Self Balancing Hoverboard

Hoverboard has been the buzzword for quite a while. But the million dollar question to ask before you go buy this powered skateboard is – what is the weight limit to ride hoverboards for best results. The weight limit varies based on brand on model, but many self balancing scooters have more or less similar weight capacity. Normally, you can assume the maximum permissible weight for a 6.5 inch hoverboard is 100 kg or 220lbs roughly. Self-balancing scooters that are smaller in size will carry lower weight than this. There are bigger wheel sizes as well; such as 8 and 10 inches which can permit a weight limit of up to 300 lbs. Advances are being brought forth that has made it possible to carry approximately 181.4 kg.        

As it has been said, the weight limit differs from models to models and brands to brands, but below mentioned list is an average weight capacity for most electric skateboards. Here it goes:

  • 4.5 inch models have a weight capacity of 55 kilogram or 120 lbs.
  • 6 inch hoverboards can carry weight limit of up to 100 kilogram or 220 lbs.
  • 8 inch models come with weight capacity of 120 kilogram or 265 lbs.
  • 10 inch models have a weight capacity of 150 kilogram or 330 lbs.

Segway weight capacity for the miniPRO model is 100 kilograms. Segway miniLITE is the junior or lighter version of the miniPRO; meant for kids and teens. So, the prices and weight capacity are low as compared to the miniPRO series.  



Why Electric Scooter Makes for Good Commuting?

The aspect of reaching on time to office is a daily issue for most of the urban office-goers. Navigating through the bustling streets of crowded cities in four wheeled vehicles or traveling through crowded trains is a feat by itself in today’s times.  The e-scooter Melbourne instead makes for great commuting within the city. Following reasons explain why:

Helps to circumvent crowded buses and trains

All buses and train lines are heavily packed during the peak office hours and you will find yourself stuck shoulder-to-shoulder with similar adults; hard pressed to get to work on time. I bet none of the office goers will be great fans of these public modes of transport but need to use them due to non-availability of any other option.

Convenience of travel

Moreover, no public transport mode will drop you at your office door-step. You need to either walk it up from the bus depot or train station. Moreover, personal vehicles have several issues of parking, adding to pollution and so on. In this context, the electric scooter makes for a good commuting option as it reaches you up to your office doorstep and also causes no pollution.

Travel at good speeds

You do not need to compromise on speed even if you adopt electric scooters as your commuting mode. Most of the electric scooters are capable of speeding at about 20 miles per hour and this is definitely higher than average walking speed of an individual. 

Ease of navigation

You have the advantage of skirting through the bumper to bumper traffic that is so prevalent on busy or major streets of today. They thus become an efficient mode of navigating through crowded city roads.

Green mode of transport

The electric scooters do away with gasoline and oil and offer a cleaner and quieter mode of transport as compared to other vehicles. 

Lower maintenance costs

The maintenance costs for electric scooters are lower than cars and other bigger vehicles.

Advantage of rechargeable battery

Many of the electric scooters work on rechargeable batteries and these can be easily recharged on the completion of your day at office and the subsequent commute. You can plug them into any wall socket and get them charged while at office too.

Avoid hassles of searching for parking space

In today’s times, getting parking space for four legged vehicles has become a major issue. By adopting the e-scooter transport mode you are saved from this hassle.

Availability of foldable e-scooters

You can also use your e-scooter as a last mile travel option from the train station or bus-stop and your office. For this purpose, foldable e-scooters are available in the market. They are light weight, can be folded and carried on any of the other additional transport mode you choose.

Come home rejuvenated

A ride on an electric scooter is definitely much invigorating as compared to travelling in a crowded bus or train line. You can whiff past the streets in the open, fresh air and reach home without getting exhausted from travel.

On a Concluding Note

An e-scooter is a novel way of moving within the city and helps you to reach your final destination on time. Electric scooters are available for all age-groups and you can choose your pick from a wide variety available.


Best Tips to Maintain Your Hoverboard

You are proud of your new hoverboard Melbourne and want to ensure that it remains with you in good working condition for long years to come! Then, follow the given below tips and you will achieve your desire!

Ensure Wheels are Dirt-free 

Regular cleaning of your hoverboard wheels is a must as that is your hoverboard’s support. Any debris or dust that may have got embedded in the wheel has to be cleaned with a brush that is not sharp and can extend to its mid-portion. Cleaning the wheel thoroughly ensures good working condition of the sensors and motors.

Additionally, verify that every component of the tires are tight and secure in their place and that they are in sync with the wheel shaft.

Charge Battery to Full Capacity

Your hoverboard battery needs to be charged to full capacity for you to get the best out of it. Verify this fact before venturing out on your hoverboard. Never let the hoverboard battery be totally discharged.  

Also ensure that the battery is not burnt or damaged in any way or laden with dirt. Use a dry cloth to clean it well.

Inspect the Internal Wiring

It is advisable to inspect the internal wiring of the hoverboard for any damage or presence of a loose wire or so. If things are beyond your knowledge call an expert but if it is just a matter of loose wiring then you can tighten it yourself. 

Maintain the Shine 

Ensure that your hoverboard retains the new shine all throughout its life. This can be achieved if you clean it with care using a soft moist cloth. Before doing this, ensure that the hoverboard is unplugged and away from the socket.

Allow it to Cool

If you have used your hoverboard for some long-distance cruising, allow its battery to cool down prior to plugging in the charger or using it again.

Verify Working of the Pedals

It may so happen at times that the board starts to shake and you seem to be losing control. This could be due to loosening of the pedals. Inspect them right away and put them correctly if they have come loose.


How To Ride Self Balancing Scooter Safely?

Owing to their cost-effectiveness, ease of ride, and the small structure, the self-balancing scooters, aka hoverboards, are getting popular day by day. But during the early days, its use may seem to be a daunting task. The subtleties involved in starting, stopping or maneuvering this tool needs some practice. Do not worry! We are here to help you. We will give you some quick tips that will allow you to ride a self-balancing scooter safely. It is essential not only for you but also for the people around you.

style hoverboard 8 white3Tips for riding a hover-board safely

Calibrate your scooter: To calibrate your scooter, hold one of the wheels off the ground and press its associated board with your hand. If the wheel spins and the board do not shake, then the scooter is okay. Otherwise, hold on to the power button for 4-5 seconds to hear a beep sound. Your scooter is now ready to ride. If you want quality hover-boards, then head over to Hover board Melbourne. We have an exciting collection of hover-boards for different price ranges.


Learn to start and stop

You need to learn to start and stop the hoverboard. The movement of your body is the key to control your scooter safely. Also, keep someone else with you when you start practicing these arts.

  • Start: Turn the scooter on by pressing the power button. A turned on hoverboard is easy to balance than when it is turned off. Now, place your dominant foot on the board and move it forward and backward to check the behaviour of the scooter. Once you are confident about it, put the other foot on the board. You should keep your legs as close as possible to the wheels as it helps in balancing the whole system. Now, lean forward a little bit to command the scooter to move forward.
  • Turning: The turning of a self-balancing scooter is also an art of your legs. Whenever you want to turn your board towards a direction, bring the toe of the opposite leg slightly ahead of the other. For example, if you’re going to turn the board to your right, then slightly ahead of the toe of your left leg.
  • Stop: The stopping of your scooter is almost similar to its start. But this time, you will have to lean backward. How much will you need to lean? It will depend on your speed. You will have the idea once you practice it for some time.
  • While starting with the scooter, you need to keep your speed to a limit. Once you become confident about your controls only then go for a speedy ride.

style hoverboard 8 white melbourneSafety gears

When you are new to the hoverboard, make sure that you wear proper safety gear such as the helmet, elbow, and knee guards. These are essential as people often slip during the practices. Also, the helmet is necessary even after you become a pro in riding your self-balancing scooter. The road safety authority demands the users to wear helmets even if it is a self-balancing scooter.

While riding the self-balancing scooter, keep your body straight on the board. Do not bend your knees as it might off balance both you and the board. Also, do not look down on the street. Instead, look forward just as you do while riding a bike or car.


Benefits of Self Balancing Scooters

Day by day, more people are getting conscious of the environmental issues that our lifestyles create. In such times, self-balancing scooters or hoverboards have emerged as a great alternative to fossil-fueled vehicles, which are one of the primary reasons for environmental threats. The name of these scooters suggests the ease of its use. Whether you are an adult or a teenager, the self-balancing scooter has something to offer for all.

Five benefits of Self-balancing scooters

  • Low cost: The cost of the self-balancing scooters is meager as compared to the fueled vehicles. Whereas the cars cost at least $3000, you can buy the self-balancing scooters for as low as $350. The maintenance cost of hover-boards is also very less in comparison. The simple structure makes them easy to repair. Also, they eliminate the need for constant fueling, as in the case of the other vehicles. If you want some great deals in the scooters, then the Hoverboard Melbourne is the ultimate destination for it. Depending on the budget, they provide a range of exciting hover-boards, loaded with features.
  • Removable batteries: Lithium-ion batteries power the hover-boards. These batteries are known for their run time and durability. Also, the cells can be easily removed from the hoverboard and charge it. All you will need is an electric socket. It is beneficial as you can find an electrical plug-in almost anywhere! You can charge it in your home, office, gym or anywhere you want. You do not have to wait for the gas station anymore.
  • Eco-friendly option: The hover-boards are a great eco-friendly alternative to the other automobiles. The conventional vehicles are powered by fossil fuels, which emit toxic gases as a byproduct. But the self-balancing scooters are free from fossil fuels, making it a better option towards sustaining the balance of our environment. Also, the presence of the battery instead of an engine ensures that the scooter produces less noise as compared to its counterparts.
  • style hoverboard 8 white melbourne
  • Reduced time: A self-balancing scooter is helpful for short transverse distances, maybe to the office, to the park, or the college. They have a tiny structure that enables them to maneuver even through the tight spaces. It is convenient during traffic jams. You won’t have to wait anymore for the traffic to start moving. The scooters are useful, especially in those areas where there is a perennial problem of traffic jams. It will save both your energy and time and keep you refreshed. The lightweight and the small structure will also allow you to park the scooter wherever you want.
  • Simple to use: The scooters are self-balancing and feature ergonomic footing. It makes them very easy to drive around without the fear of falling down. Even the kids or the teenagers can have fun with these as there is very minimal control to take care of. The changing of direction is made easy by the aerodynamic design of the scooters. Such ease of use makes it convenient for both the urban and rural setups.

Plus, the thrill of riding a hoverboard is matchless. Go get one and enjoy the freedom to move and add to your style quotient!


Are Hoverboards and Self Balancing Scooters Safe To Ride?

Are Hoverboards and Self balancing Scooters safe to ride? For both kids and teenagers, a hoverboard or a self-balancing scooter is a much sought after ride. It’s trendy, stylish and gives an adrenaline rush. If you look at the last couple of years, hoverboards have topped the Christmas wish list by a considerable margin.

You may have seen or heard the news about safety concerns around hoverboards and also about accidents and therefore you may be wondering “are hoverboards safe to ride?” The answer is “Yes”; hoverboards are safe and easy to ride. But before buying you need to consider this:

Certified Batteries

Most of the accidents of short circuit, fire or smoke that you may have heard were all due to faulty batteries. As per the Australian Safety Standards, only premium quality li-ion batteries are permitted to be used in hoverboards.

Our hoverboards are certified by UL2272 and as such it uses only superior

quality batteries and are absolutely safe. Speed Most hoverboards have a speed limit of upto 18 to 20kms. Make sure that you don’t overdo the speed as it will put you at risk of accident. Our

hoverboards are equipped with alert if you cross the stipulated speed limit. The constant beeping sound will alert you to slow down.

Tire Grip

One of the most essential things about the hoverboard is the traction it possesses. It is imperative that the tires have a good, defined tread and a solid grip. A better grip translates into more traction for the riders. Youngsters are known for trying out a lot of stunts while on the hoverboard

and the treaded tires will mean that your kid has the best possible traction.

Age specific use

Not all hoverboards are meant to be ridden by people of all ages. Some manufacturers have very specific age ranges in mind when they build a particular hoverboard. You will find some hoverboards built that are there for the pure adrenaline rush they provide. Think extreme sports. Some hoverboards are designed for commuters while there are others that are built ruggedly to handle all kinds of off-road conditions.

Safety precautions

Always ensure that the person riding the hoverboard is wearing the proper safety gear. He or she will need to have certified helmets, knee guards, elbow guards and knee pads. Make sure that the hoverboard has reflector lights, turn signals as well as LED lights. And most importantly make sure that the hoverboard you buy comes from reputed dealers, it’s ok if it costs a

few bucks more.


Ensure that your hoverboard is fully charged before you embark on the ride. A hoverboard running on low battery may suddenly come to a halt and cause you to trip. Our hoverboards have alert for low battery. It automatically will reduce the speed when running on low battery.


If the weather is too bad, don’t take out your hoverboards. If may damage the hoverboard.


Hoverboards are safe to ride. Only precaution you need to take is buying it from a reputed dealer and follow all the safety instructions provided. Enjoy the thrill of riding a hoverboard!