Q. Has Australia put a ban on hoverboards and Segway scooters?

There is no ban on individuals owing a hoverboard. However, sellers that didn’t comply with the Australian Safety standards are debarred from selling. So, you can own and use a hoverboard without any concerns. Since our hoverboards comply all the Australian Safety Standards, there is absolutely no reason to worry 

Q. Are hoverboards safe to ride?

Melbourne Hoverboards are UL2272 certified, meaning they comply with Australia safety standards and are 100% legal. Therefore, our hoverboards are totally safe.

Q. Is it easy to ride Hoverboards?

Yes, riding hoverboards is as easy as riding bicycle. You may take an hour to understand how the hoverboards work. Our hoverboards are like self balancing boards, so you can learn to ride it within an hours time. 

Q. How much time will I take to learn to ride Hoverboards?

Learning time for riding hoverboards may differ from individual to individual. Most users learn to stand comfortably on a hoverboard within 5 minutes. In the next 30 min to 45 min, people learn to ride the hoverboard. If you are using hoverboard for the first time,  we suggest you try riding on a flat carpet. Make sure there are no sharp corners or objects in the room. Gradually as you master the skill, you may shift to hardwood floors. Generally, you can learn riding a hoverboard within a span of one to two hours.

Q. Can I use the Hoverboards even in wet weather?

Our hoverboard is IP54 rated, meaning it is water resistant. You may use it in safely in dust and light splashes of water. But you are requested to avoid riding hoverboard in puddles and in extremely wet weather.

Q. How long does it take to charge the battery? How  long does one charge last?

It takes around 2 to 3 hours for the battery to be fully charged. You can ride roughly 18 to 20 kms on a single charge, again based on your riding style. It is strictly suggested that the hoverboard should not be charged for over 3 hours to protect the battery life.

Q. Is it safe for kids to ride hoverboards?

The minimum weight limit for our hoverboards is 20 kgs to ensure effective self balancing. So, it is extremely safe for the kids. Melbourne Hoverboards are meant for adult riding. For kids under 16, we suggest riding under adult supervision. Melbourne Hoverboards has several products for kids below 10 years.

Q. Are hoverboards safe to use on an incline?

Yes, you can safely ride hoverboards on an incline. Our powerful hoverboard mechanism is designed to climb inclines without any human effort. Also, when climbing down, Melbourne Hoverboards allows you to control speed while climbing down.

Q. What is mechanism to absorb shocks in hoverboards?

Hoverboards do not have any suspension mechanism. The sturdy wheels of the hoverboards can easily manage cracks, bumps and road irregularities upto 1 inch. Once you master the hoverboard, you’ll know that your knees act as the best suspension system. Eventually, you’ll bend your knees in accordance with the surroundings.

Q. What is the payment mode and expected delivery time?

Melbourne Hoverboards offers flexible payment terms. All major debit and credit cards are accepted. You also have an option of after pay, where you can purchase hoverboard on credit and pay in 4 installments of equal amount of the total price. To avail this benefit, you may need to go through identification check. Melbourne Hoverboard offers free delivery across Australia. The shipping time may in the range of 3 to 5 working days.

Q. What is your return policy?

Melbourne Hoverboards give 1 year warranty for all types of manufacturing defects. If the product delivered to you is damaged or in case of manufacturing defects within the first 30 days, we have easy returns policy. Please check terms and conditions for more details.