How To Ride Self Balancing Scooter Safely?

How To Ride Self Balancing Scooter Safely?

Owing to their cost-effectiveness, ease of ride, and the small structure, the self-balancing scooters, aka hoverboards, are getting popular day by day. But during the early days, its use may seem to be a daunting task. The subtleties involved in starting, stopping or maneuvering this tool needs some practice. Do not worry! We are here to help you. We will give you some quick tips that will allow you to ride a self-balancing scooter safely. It is essential not only for you but also for the people around you.

style hoverboard 8 white3Tips for riding a hover-board safely

Calibrate your scooter: To calibrate your scooter, hold one of the wheels off the ground and press its associated board with your hand. If the wheel spins and the board do not shake, then the scooter is okay. Otherwise, hold on to the power button for 4-5 seconds to hear a beep sound. Your scooter is now ready to ride. If you want quality hover-boards, then head over to Hover board Melbourne. We have an exciting collection of hover-boards for different price ranges.


Learn to start and stop

You need to learn to start and stop the hoverboard. The movement of your body is the key to control your scooter safely. Also, keep someone else with you when you start practicing these arts.

  • Start: Turn the scooter on by pressing the power button. A turned on hoverboard is easy to balance than when it is turned off. Now, place your dominant foot on the board and move it forward and backward to check the behaviour of the scooter. Once you are confident about it, put the other foot on the board. You should keep your legs as close as possible to the wheels as it helps in balancing the whole system. Now, lean forward a little bit to command the scooter to move forward.
  • Turning: The turning of a self-balancing scooter is also an art of your legs. Whenever you want to turn your board towards a direction, bring the toe of the opposite leg slightly ahead of the other. For example, if you’re going to turn the board to your right, then slightly ahead of the toe of your left leg.
  • Stop: The stopping of your scooter is almost similar to its start. But this time, you will have to lean backward. How much will you need to lean? It will depend on your speed. You will have the idea once you practice it for some time.
  • While starting with the scooter, you need to keep your speed to a limit. Once you become confident about your controls only then go for a speedy ride.

style hoverboard 8 white melbourneSafety gears

When you are new to the hoverboard, make sure that you wear proper safety gear such as the helmet, elbow, and knee guards. These are essential as people often slip during the practices. Also, the helmet is necessary even after you become a pro in riding your self-balancing scooter. The road safety authority demands the users to wear helmets even if it is a self-balancing scooter.

While riding the self-balancing scooter, keep your body straight on the board. Do not bend your knees as it might off balance both you and the board. Also, do not look down on the street. Instead, look forward just as you do while riding a bike or car.

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