Mini Segways

Mini Segway

The Mini Segway is perfect riding vehicle known for its compact features. The Mini  Segway hoverboard packs a ton of features that will fascinate the rider. The Mini Segway for sale at the Hoverboard Melbourne site comes with an adjustable handle and can ride even in pavements and dirt roads. The mini Segway is also adept at overcoming small obstacles.

The cheap Mini Segway can travel up to the speed of 20 Km to 30 Km per hour on a single charge. The maximum speed of the mini Segway is 18 Km/Hr, and the safety alert turns on as soon as the rider reaches 12 Km/Hr limit. The Mini Segway can carry a max load of 120 kgs and has LED lights that can be customized as per the rider’s preference. The Mini Segway has built-in advanced Gyroscope for that precision filled navigating. The built-in advanced gyroscope helps to make the perfect rotation.

The Mini Segway hoverboard has the revolutionary “Black Technology” that assists the Mini Segway in altering its algorithm as per the rider’s usage of the vehicle. The Mini Segway is compact in size, pollution-free and has zero carbon footprint on Mother Earth. The Mini Segway comes with a remote, and the rider can also sync their smartphone which will display the Dashboard, Vehicle status, Anti-theft alarm,user-defined settings, firmware upgrade and a host of other features

The Mini Segway is powered by a Samsung/LG 39V 4.4 AH Lithium-ion battery, and the battery lasts for 2500 life cycles. There are two powerful motors of 350 watts on each wheel that facilitate a smooth and comfortable ride on the Mini Segway.

The Mini Segway comes with an ergonomic and anti-slippery foot pad that helps the rider to maintain their posture. The Mini Segway hoverboard LED lights to indicate the speed, the status of the battery and the alerts of the vehicle and the Bluetooth connectivity automatically pairs with the remote or the rider can pair it with their smartphone. The Bluetooth connection allows the rider to play the favorite songs while riding the Mini Segway through the built-in speakers.

The safety features even include indicators for low charge,over-charging and over-speed alert that will show on the LED screen. The Mini Segway comes with a carry bag that enables the rider to take it with them anywhere they go. The carry bag is made from high-quality cloth materials for long life. It also protects the Mini Segway from any abrasions with adequate space for the charger.

Get your Mini Segway today and start riding to work the non-polluting way.