The Segway is a wonderful vehicle for traveling short distances. The Segway is also known as a self-balancing hoverboard that has a host of functions and options. Many think that the Segway is the very expensive vehicle, but Segway Melbourne is presenting their customers with cheap Segway affordable for every budget.

Segway hoverboard comes in many colors and is a self-balancing smart scooter. It also has built-in Bluetooth speakers and flashy LED lights that illuminate your path. The riders can use the Bluetooth speaker and pair it with their phone and listen to songs as they go. The Segway comes with the technology of fuzzy operator method, advanced gyroscope and inverted pendulum system for smooth and comfortable riding.

The Segway has a turning radius of almost zero which enables the rider to perform a 360-degree rotation comfortably. The rider can use the Body twist technique to accelerate, decelerate, break, or move forward. The rider can perform the 360-degree rotation by keeping their body still and just use the body twist.

The Segway for sale at the Segway Melbourne boasts of a genuine Samsung Lithium Ion Battery with a 29- volt capacity.  A single charge can give a ride of 25 Kms. The Battery is operated by intelligent and independent management that ensures safe and efficient performance. The smart-chip technology with high-speed CPU controls the precision gyroscope. The charging time for the Segway is very short as it reaches 80% in 60 minutes of charge.

The Segway hoverboard has motors on each wheel that are easily individually controllable with feet for a smoother ride. The sparkling LED lights illuminate the path and also provide a stylish look to the Segway and the rider.

The Segway has 120 kgs of weight capacity and has comfortable leg spacing for the rider. We at Segway Melbourne have many types of Segway hoverboards for our customers like the colored Segways, graffiti Segways, and Lamborghini inspired Segway. The remote of the Segway can help the rider to control its Speed, play music, and the motion sensors help the rider to turn around and to navigate the Segway in the road.

The Segway Melbourne places their customer’s safety first, and it has cleared the IEC 62133 and 60335-1 safety standards. It also comes with the Australian RCM approved charger. The battery alert becomes functional and alerts the rider in case of a low battery. If the battery reaches 10%, the Segway hoverboard will shut it off slowly. It also comes with a carry bag, charger and the rider can take the Segway wherever they go.

Enjoy riding your Segway with your favorite music and ride around.