Skateboards are part and parcel of every teenager’s life, and they also are great pastimes to have in adulthood. The skateboard shop of Hoverboard Melbourne has all types of skateboard ranging from longboards, mini skateboards, electric skateboards and also cheap skateboards that fits everyone’s wishlist. Our skateboards also conform to Australia’s  safety standards.

The Sky Blue Skateboard Starry Pattern Skate Board Complete Retro Cruiser Longboard is one of the other cheap skateboards that give superior performance and is made from high-quality materials. The skateboard is PU wheel PP board perfect for practice moves.

The Dragon skateboard is made from Maple wood, and the wheels are PU with aluminum scaffolding. It is a plastic skateboard perfect for stunts and for cruising around. There is also the Professional skate board drift longboard that is best for showcasing skills. The four-wheel drive of the skateboard makes it well-balanced, and the maple wood top gives a solid grip. It also comes with a free carry bag made from high-quality materials. The carry bag makes it easier for the kids to take it along with them anywhere they go.

The electric skateboard is an awesome addition to the skateboard shop, and the best feature of this skateboard is that the rider can use the remote to control the movements of the skateboard electronically. The electric skateboard is Bluetooth enabled, and the remote is paired instantly as soon as the skateboard is turned on.

On, a single charge, the electric skateboard can travel up to 20 Km, and the maximum speed of this skateboard is 25 KM/Hr.  The safety feature of this skateboard is that this board will alert the rider once they reach the speed of 12 KM/Hr.

The remote has the functions of acceleration, deceleration, and brake. The electric skateboard also features the innovative “ Cruise Control Function” which enables the rider to manage and maintain the speed without the need for touching the board. The remote control will flash lights if the battery has to be recharged.

The battery of the skateboard is 24V lithium-ion Fe battery and has a patented sentry shield design for added safety.  The battery also comes with an indicator that signals low battery. The battery is good for four to ten-mile distance travel, and that makes it perfect for commuting in the morning traffic.

Get a skateboard today and start commuting to your destination in your signature way.