Stunt scooters

Stunt Scooters

Stunt scooter is an essential part of every teenager and daredevil adults who live the life of thrill and action. The Cheap stunt scooters that do not compromise on quality is must have for every daredevil out there who loves action and its zing. The stunt scooter for sale available in Hoverboard Melbourne is one of the thinnest and most durable scooter.


The stunt scooter comes in two versions of 6.6kg for 8.8 version and 7.1kg for 10.4 version. The stunt scooters are also stylish in the looks department as they come with dazzling LED lights. The stunt scooter comes with a host of features that will amaze its rider. The stunt scooter is so light-weight and durable that it can be folded and the rider can take it along wherever they go. Whether to perform stunts or use the scooter for commuting, the stunt scooter is a perfect companion that performs these actions with ease.

The stunt scooter’s body and the frame are made from aircraft- grade carbon fiber, and it comes with the 250W powerful 5-inch motor. The motor uses the revolutionary Field Over Control(FOC) technology that gives silent and smooth acceleration and movements. The Smart Battery Management System helps in preventing the overcharging or battery malfunction. It alerts the rider of low battery and when the battery is fully charged. The battery provides 500 lifecycles when powered by 1850 Lithium Ion cells.

The stunt scooter comes with intelligent Electronic Braking System (EBS) that helps the battery to be recharged and renewed during braking. The Battery is also placed in the front to avoid overheating.  The Battery is fully charged in about 4 hours.

The stunt scooter can take weight up to 125Kgs. The stunt scooter can go up to 25 Km/Hr on a single charge, and the rider will get an alert as soon as they cross the 12 KM/Hr mark. The suspension feature of this stunt scooter absorbs the shock and assists the rider in performing stunts seamlessly, and the suspension is also covered to prevent dust or sand from seeping inside the scooter.

The solid tires, anti-skid,anti-puncture, and water resistant features are the innovative features of this product. The stunt scooter comes with Bluetooth connectivity that helps the rider sync their smartphone effortlessly. It even has a carry bag that assists the rider in taking the stunt scooter and its charger together effortlessly.

Purchase a stunt scooter today at Hoverboard Melbourne and bring out the dare devil in you.