At Melbourne Hoverboards we strive to provide only top quality products to our customers. If at any time you encounter any issue with the product please read some of the trouble shooting tips.

Incessant vibrations are felt during my hoverboard ride. What should I do?

Normally, there is no cause for generation of any vibrations during your hoverboard ride. It is essential to self-balance on the board positioning your feet firmly on the pressure pads. Bending your knees slightly for ensuring even pressure distribution will help. A point to be borne in mind is with regard to the minimum weight of the individual riding the hoverboard which needs to be 20-25 kgs.

trouble shooting

What are the signs to indicate a proper charging of my hoverboard?

For ensuring proper charging of your hoverboard, plug one end of the charger into a wall power socket and the other to your hoverboard. On doing this, a tiny green light appears on the charger. This indicates that your hoverboard is being properly charged. Another sign is the appearance of red light on the hoverboard battery. The battery takes about a couple of hours to be fully charged and once through the red light changes to green.

Nonstop beeping sounds begin to emanate from my hoverboard along with flashing of red lights. What is to be done?

Nonstop beeping sounds and flashing of red lights from your hoverboard occur if there is abrupt and unanticipated dismounting. It could be either due to you slipping off the hoverboard or jumping off. Both the reasons cause a disturbance in the hoverboard sensors leading to the beeping sound and flashing of lights. One way to tackle the beeping sound is to click on your hoverboard’s reset button.

The beeping sound can also occur if the speed alarm of your hoverboard is activated. The moment your hoverboard crosses the speed limit of 10 kmph the speed alarm begins to sound and if this goes on incessantly then it is an indication for you to slow down a bit. This is done keeping consumer safety uppermost in our minds.

Still Facing Problems?

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