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Hoverboard Melbourne has range of self-balancing and electric hoverboards that suitable for kids and adults. We have cheap hoverboards that suits everyone’s budget. But we do not compromise on quality. All our products are tested and certified by the Australian Safety standards.

The electric hoverboard can carry up to 120 kgs of weight and has a safety function that alerts the rider if they go over 12 KM/Hr.  The hoverboards come in the size of 6.5,8 and 10 inches. The hoverboards are powered by 700 watts motor (350*2) and have genuine Samsung battery. The charger for this hoverboard is Australian approved RCM charger. Hoverboard Melbourne places their customer’s safety first, and it has cleared the IEC 62133 and 60335-1 safety standards for their hoverboards.

The hoverboard also has stylish LED lights that light up the path. The Hoverboard for sale at the Hoverboard Melbourne site come with Bluetooth enabled speakers. You can listen to your favorite songs on the go. The hoverboards carry a 12-month replacement/repair warranty, so our customers can be worry-free if the hoverboard is damaged or if it has a dent. Our 24/7 customer care is available to resolve all our customer’s issues or assist them with any needs.

Our hoverboards guarantee a smooth ride and the remote control lets the rider to control the hoverboard’s speed and its ON/OFF function. The hoverboards ensure comfortable leg spacing with a motion sensor.

Using body twist, the rider can accelerate, decelerate, brake, move forward and give other directions. The hoverboard also boasts of power switch LED display that repeatedly blinks when protection protocol is activated. The efficient performance of the hoverboard is guaranteed due to the advanced gyroscope, fuzzy operator method and inverted pendulum systems.

We even offer the services of customization of the hoverboard as per the customer’s needs. The hoverboards come in colors of gold, red, white, blue, black and graffiti with Lamborghini inspired collection. Only at HOverboard Melbourne, our customers can buy cheap hoverboards but without any compromise in the quality and efficiency of the product.

The hoverboard comes with a stylish carry bag that enables the rider to take the hoverboard anywhere they go. The bag also has adequate space for the charger, and it protects the hoverboard from any scratches.

Hoverboard Melbourne is the place to buy authentic and quality hoverboards for sale. Buy one today and cruise the streets of Melbourne in style.